About Me

I am a visual artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. My visual stories could be defined as a dramatic expression of different emotions that I explore through colour, texture, patterns, and light reflection.

Since I was a child, I was quite reserved about communicating my emotions, thoughts and feelings to the external world, therefore I learned to visualise them over time and they became images.

The process of my art creation is intuitive and quite unpredictable; thus each piece varies in size and colour. I get inspired by emotion of that particular moment. For this reason, each individual painting reflects the emotion of the moment when it was created, no sketching or correcting, no specific aim in mind regarding how the art piece should look like when it is finished.
I trust my intuition when it comes to unexpected colour combinations. I only try to feel what would be visually stimulating and visually pleasing personally to me and a viewer. The entire painting process is quite experimental. Sometimes intense emotions allow me to produce dramatic results with overly saturated colours, multiple layers of paint and texture.

Important note: only originals for sale. Camera is not able to capture the layers of paint, light and shade in the same way as viewer’s eye does. For this reason, only original art pieces deliver the message in a way I want it to be delivered.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to discuss ‘art’ or business. 🙂

All the best,


2023 04 – The 3Bures-1,2 office property, Vilnius, Lithuania
2023 03 – The Quadrum Business Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
2022 11 – PLC “Mega”, Vilnius, Lithuania