Paintings to order

If you appreciate the style of my paintings and have found a piece you like, but it is no longer available or the size does not suit your needs, you can place a custom order. Please note that each painting’s texture is unique and it is not possible to replicate the same depth in a new piece. However, you will own a one-of-a-kind painting with a unique texture, color palette and nobody else will have the same piece. Custom painting will be a piece of art that will be exclusively yours, and will be a perfect addition to your home or office that will be a conversation starter among your guests and will also increase the aesthetic value of your space.

The cost of the custom painting will vary based on the size and technique used to create it.

What can I expect when I order a custom painting?

A couple of important notes to keep in mind when ordering a custom painting:
– If you like a specific painting from my gallery and would like me to replicate it, please note that the final result will not be identical. My painting technique involves multiple layers of paint and handmade texture, which means that each painting is unique and may look similar but never exactly the same.
– If you are interested in a painting that you found online or that was created by another artist, please note that I can only paint in my own style. I will not copy the work of other artists.

To ensure that you are satisfied with the final outcome of your custom painting, I can provide you with a proof or sketch of the painting before I begin working on the final piece. This will give you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments or request changes.

The cost of the custom painting will vary based on the size and technique used to create it.

How long does it take to paint a picture?

Creating a custom painting typically takes 3-6 weeks, but each project is unique and the timeline may vary. I will be able to provide an exact timeline for the completion of your custom painting project after we discuss the scale of the project.

Do I need to know exactly what I want before ordering a custom painting?

Not really. To ensure that the custom painting will complement your interior, I can provide you with 3-5 sketches and we can work together to decide which direction or example best suits your needs. If you have a specific vision or rough idea of how the painting should look, I would be happy to bring it to life.

If I want to order an original custom painting, what are the next steps?

Kindly let me know which of my paintings from my online gallery caught your interest. If you intend to hang the painting in a specific room, please send me photos of the interior. For more complex paintings, I may need to see the space in person before starting the project, in which case we can arrange for me to visit you with samples of the painting. If you have any questions about the ordering process, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I will be happy to assist you.

To place an order for a custom painting, please contact me. Write me at [email protected] or call me at +37068625135.